Cheque Reconciliation



When your Bank sends confirmation of cheques or drafts that have been processed (such as your bank account statement or returned cleared cheques), the reconciliation between your Cash Disbursements issued and those confirmed by your bank is recorded using this module. The Status is updated to "Reconciled" in the Cash Disbursements detail for reporting. Reconciled cheques can no longer be cancelled or modified.


Check Box

Check the Cash Disbursement records to reconcile when the 1. Reconcile button is pressed. If the "Show All" box is checked (see below) then the button below changes to 1. Unreconcile and if the selected record has been previously reconciled. the status will revert to "Printed" when the button is pressed.


Chq Number

The Cheque Number of the outstanding Cash Disbursement. The field will turn green if it is a manual cheque.


Bank Seq #

The magnetically encoded Bank Sequence code for this Draft or Cheque.


Chq Amount

The amount of the outstanding Cash Disbursement.


Pay Code

The Pay To Master code for the Supplier that the outstanding Cash Disbursement is payable to.



The Currency code used for this Pay To Supplier.


Chq Date

The date that appears on the outstanding Cash Disbursement.



The Status code for this outstanding Cash Disbursement. These are the same Status codes that appear on the Cheques tab of the Cash Disbursement display with the exception of "Cancelled". Status "Cancelled" Cash Disbursement records appear only on this display. Cash Disbursements are cancelled by "Reversing" (4. Reverse button) a Cheques tab record.


Rec Date

For previously reconciled disbursements (when "Show All" is checked below), this is the date of reconciliation




Chq End Date Range

The latest draft or cheque date to consider when this display is queried.


Show All (check box)

When checked, the query will return previously reconciled Disbursements (status "Reconciled") as well as status "Printed" Disbursements. The 1. button below changes from 1. Reconcile to 1. Unreconcile when this box is checked to allow previously reconciled disbursements to be reversed if a mistake was made.


When this box is not checked, only status "Printed" disbursements appear in a query.


Ord By Bank Seq (check box)

When checked, the Disbursement records will be displayed in Bank Sequence order.


Special Draft (drop-down list)

Select "Yes" to filter the query to only return Draft Cash Disbursements. Select "No" to display only Cheque Cash Disbursements. Drafts and Cheques are not displayed at the same time.


Reconc Date

The date of reconciliation for cheques that are to be reconciled or reversed when the 1. Reconcile/Unreconcile button is pressed.



1. Reconcile (Unreconcile) button

Press the Reconcile button to reconcile all the checked disbursement records. All selected outstanding Cash Disbursements will have their status changed to "Reconciled". If the "Show Reconciled" box is checked, this button changes to "Unreconcile" and if the selected Disbursement has been previously reconciled, then its' status will revert to "Printed" when this button is pressed.




Available Reports...


Reconciled Cheques

Unreconciled Cheques